Sunday, August 23, 2015

Together They Separated!

They met, had a common connection. Family came together and announced they are soon to be married. They met, now they have to. Courtship. They stumbled across long forgotten trunks laden with dust. Dust is dust. Mud is mud. A part of your and mine existence. Superficial selves do not understand this. Woes, remorse, and aches. Bruises. Tears. Parted their ways.
The realisation dawns, never give your words to those who do not value the love behind them. You can't keep on mending, with so many knots. Knots they are, knots they were, knots they become. The moment they tripped on the dust laden memories. 
Wish they had walked past, and came out to see the shining sun, from those dark alleys of forgotten memories.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reading Agatha Christie

There is something called ease and simplicity to relate with what Agatha Christie has written. Her novels lets me travel to a time where I would never be able to visit. Everything right from scenery to the old English country side settings, familiar faces of the English people, little ongoings of the english villages back then lend such a wonderful backdrop to her novels.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Summer Vacation Plans

Summer vacations have begun, and I have already made a list of few important tasks that needs to be taken care of.


-take Tashu to Ballet class every Wednesday and Friday
- spend at least an hour with Tashu in park
- revise her school work and eventually complete her holiday homework
- set routine in her life- right from waking up to sleeping on time to eating and social etiquette
- read her story book every night before going to bed 
- playfully teach her small household tasks to instill sense of responsibility in her
- chit chat with her in between all the household chores, keep her involved and make her feel important and eventually building strong mother daughter equation


- sort out all his paper work, invoices
- make sure he gets proper diet (of late his stomach problems have increased)
- tone down my temper


- reading
- daily journal
- morning and evening walks
- practice driving and get my DL renewed

Hopefully, I would be able to, somehow, achieve a harmony in my life which is way too disturbed of late. It's not that I'm not working on these things, yet somewhere everything I do seems incomplete. 
May be I need to relax my nerves and take my mind off every other worldly issues for sometime.

Thursday, March 19, 2015



Watched ‘Lovelace’, a biographical motion picture based on Linda Lovelace’s life. It made me think how vulnerable we women are. However, strong, educated, powerful we become, women are still mere lambs surrounded by bloody hounds. Wild animals eat us, which is justified in what nature has made them to do. But, we humans, we gnaw at each other as if the other one under the claws is a mere corpse, just a cadaver lying namelessly in the morgue.
She went through a polygraph test as suggested by the publisher before printing her autobiography- ‘Ordeal.’ There were men to contest against her, stated she is lying. I’m nobody to judge, and definitely my talking for or against doesn’t count. It’s just that, I at times feel, no woman would go to this extent of lying.
And, yet forget about truth and lies.  Such things are happening, and there are people talking about women emancipation. Is there any way out of this vicious circle- where at the end, a female body is still the highly sought after commodity available for all sorts of bargain.
It’s still a men’s world!
Today alone, I watched a video that became viral on WhatsApp where few goons are thrashing a boy and slapping the girl. How do we become the authority over anybody, I don’t understand this. Who we are to take laws in our hands. And, how come such things go unseen by actual lawmakers and the whatnots of the law and order.
And, just now read about Rohtak Rape case, what do these men feel while doing so, what sort of high or pleasure they seek after acting like beasts?
With every news, or story like this, I feel like going dead. Sometimes, I want to shout, cry out loud, thumping my chest hardly and calling names to all those cruel beats out on that point. I just feel so helpless.

I almost choked while placing myself in the place of the victim. I hate feeling so helpless. It makes me wonder, are there really any Gods or are we just trading our life in the name of hoax? It’s better to have no faith, than having it and be betrayed by it!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Introspecting Mom

There are times when we need to stop worrying and look at things with a broader perspective. I’m not spilling the beans about some heavy political or national agenda here. I have been reading a lot of parenting quotes and articles on the web of late, and of course it is natural being a mother of a hyperactive little girl. It does make sense to keep looking for something or the other for web. Since, in the age of Google, even Dadi-Nanis are giving tips on weblogs.
Of late Tanushya has been giving me tough times. Doesn’t listen to me and she has questions about everything. If I ask her to go and get your rhyme book we will read it together, then she would look at me and say, “Why?” WHY! What, why, I mean at times I think how could she do that, how could she ask me why when I’m her mother and whatever I say is to be done right away.
I’m wrong here, being a kid, being in an age when she has begun learning things from her environment, started questioning everything, she has all the right to ask me why she should fetch the book and take it with me. What good would it do her?
I’m planning to have some serious introspection and come up with some good ideas and tricks to teach her good manners and cultivate good habits in her. Children these days are no fools who can be played upon anytime. You have to be practical and logical while making them listen to you and do things you want them to.
I definitely have to research and read a lot before outlining the steps or golden rules I’m going to follow with her. I don’t want her to sit with a tab in her lap and peering into it for the sake of learning something worthwhile. This is the greatest nuisance of these times. Children have become prone to lethargy and leading a laid back life like dullards who have nothing, just to prop themselves on a pillow and glare into the big screens or little.

Hopefully, next time I may have chalked out some of the statistics to deal with my 3.5 yr old little girl.